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Located in Florida is St Johns, home to the city of Fruit Cove. The 601 square miles in land area has a population density of 316 people per square mile. As of 2014, the population was estimated to be 217,919, and it has grown by 14.7 percent since 2010. Compared to the rest of Florida, St Johns has a normal number of young familes with 5 percent, an average number of children under 18 at 22 percent, and a typical number of retirees at 18 percent. 83 percent of families keep living in the same house more than one year. Education statistics show that 41 percent of residents have a bachelor's degree or greater, while 93 percent completed secondary school.

Median Home Price
$ 243k
Houses: 96,900

Approximately 75,558 households reside in 96,900 homes, and of these, 19 percent are in multi-unit structures. The median worth of a home is $242.9k, with a homeownership rate of 77 percent. The median household income is $64.9k, which is greater than that of the state. The typical commute for employees to one of the County's 19,871 businesses is 26 minutes.

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Largest Cities in St Johns County

St. Augustine
St. Augustine
Population: 13,841
People/sq.mi: 1,376
Median Home: $205k

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