2014 Top Agent Profile: Beverly Knight

Want to know the top agent in Highland Beach for 2014?

4117 S Ocean Blvd, Highland Beach, FL 33487

After reviewing the numbers, we’ve found the #1 agent in Highland Beach.

After reviewing the data, Beverly Knight with Ocean Estate Properties LLC excelled in 2014. With 6 closings and $26.3M in total production, Beverly was the number 1 real estate agent in Highland Beach for 2014. This performance affords kudos, and it took Beverly to the top of the list in Highland Beach. If you need an agent to help you find a home or if you want to put your home on the market, Beverly has the reputation in Highland Beach you want. Beverly was also a top-25 agent in Highland Beach, and 33487. With countless choices, identifying the best real estate agent is challenging, but the numbers won’t mislead you. Beverly is an excellent choice around Highland Beach. To read more, visit Beverly Knight’s agent profile.

Beverly Knight’s Stats for Highland Beach

Working as the Listing Agent Working as the Buying Agent
Closings 4 2
Production ($) $21.1M $5.2M
% List* 89.5% 95.5%
*% List reflects the relationship between the listing price and the selling price.  When listing, higher is better, and when selling, lower is better. The average is 94%.

Beverly Knight’s recent closings in Highland Beach


Kudos to Beverly for being the best agent in Highland Beach for 2014. To find more top agents in Highland Beach or other communities, check out the MadValorem News section.

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