327 Royal Palm – The New Condo Project in Downtown Boca Raton

Slated for completion in 2017, the Vander Ploeg & Associates designed building is shaping up to be one of the most luxurious and cutting edge properties in Downtown Boca Raton. Condos from 3,100 square feet up to 7,000 square feet come with furnished appliances by brand names like Sub-Zero and Wolf.

Ignacio Diaz is leading his team out of Group P6 are listed as the primary builders with Dick Building Co. at the helm for general contractor. The beautiful building will add much desired aesthetics to the already beautiful Downtown Boca Raton skyline making its mark in the city that truly is “for all seasons”. The developer was able to purchase the half-acre plot for $2.7 million back in 2014 and says starting prices per unit are $1.6 million – many of which have already been sold! Talk about a great investment!

The building itself measures about 100 feet tall and will host 24 “ultra-luxury” units in its rank. As such, many Boca Raton residents are expressing outrage against the size of the newer developments in the area citing the growing trend of tall buildings blocking out their views of nature in this beautiful area.

The deputy mayor went on record stating that “this particular project received on a minor, parking-related variance” in order to soothe the current residents of Boca Raton. This project has yet to garner such adamant responses as other developments in the area and has yet to draw the ire of the current population of the city. The building should open its doors in December of 2017 for all residents.

Madvalorem is here to represent you should you be interested in procuring any of the remaining units for this soon to be sold out address. Please contact us immediately however as there aren’t many units left.

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