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126 EL BRAVO WAY, Lantana, FL 33480

The stats are in for 2014.

Based on our research, Jack Elkins with Fite Shavell and Associates hit the mark in 2014. With 5 closings and $14.9M in total production, Jack was the top agent in Lantana for 2014. This body of work affords kudos, and it boosted Jack to the top of the list in Lantana. If you need an agent to help you find a house or if you want to list your home, Jack has the knowledge in Lantana you want. Jack was also a top-25 agent in Palm Beach, Lantana, Manalapan, 33460, 33462, and 33480. With a variety of choices, identifying the best real estate agent can be confusing, but the statistics are clear. Jack is a great choice around Lantana. You can visit Jack Elkins’s agent profile to discover more, as well as find contact information.

Jack Elkins’s Stats for Lantana

Working as the Listing Agent Working as the Buying Agent
Closings 4 1
Production ($) $10.1M $4.8M
% List* 89.5% 95.1%
*% List reflects the relationship between the listing price and the selling price.  When listing, higher is better, and when selling, lower is better. The average is 94%.

Jack Elkins’s recent deals in Lantana


Kudos to Jack for being the best agent in Lantana for 2014. To find more top agents in Lantana or other communities, visit the MadValorem News section.

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