Looking at Boynton Beach homes? Here’s what you should know!


Nestled cozily in the coastal heart of Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, FL offers its citizens an unparalleled lifestyle: beautiful sunny weather, sandy beaches, oodles of shopping, waterfront dining and entertainment.

If you’re considering buying one of the beautiful Boynton Beach, FL houses for sale, here are some things you’ll find interesting:

  • Boynton Beach offers the charm and warmth of “Old Florida” living; a certain old-world charm that still exists today. It is rated as one of the best beaches of the country! If you’re a sun, sand and surf kinda person, there could be no better place!
  • The Boynton Beach Inlet offers easy access to some spectacular reefs, both artificial, and natural coral. If that isn’t enough adventure for you, try the OceanFront Park, or check out the Boynton Harbor Marina sports water activities, and eco-adventures like the Everglades Day! The city boasts in total 8 recreation centers, 29 parks, and one (public) swimming pool.
  • The Cost of Living Index is pretty much on par with the national average, so not too high; employment is actually looking up as of now thanks to the massive redevelopment efforts in downtown Boynton Beach. The city also has a pretty decent student to teacher ratio, and good graduation rates; with 187 schools, it is the 11th largest school district of the US! This is welcome news for families with young kids! The positive population growth is also a good sign for the economy.
  • The Schoolhouse Museum for kids is a great place for kids to play and learn interactively. You can just let your child’s imagination take flight and unleash their creativity! Kids can learn about Florida’s history, art, music and science through free weekly programs and affordably priced workshops. Another great reason for young families to check out Boynton Beach, FL realty for sale.
  • The Boynton Beach Mall and the scores of shops that dot the beach and the city offer everything from bargains to big brands to boutiques; so you’re never out of something great to wear in this city!
  • Gasoline costs a tad more than the rest of Florida, but commute times are lower. Purchasing Boynton Beach, FL real estate is a wise financial decision; renting, however, may not be what you want to do, with rentals costing more than the Florida average.
  • In keeping with the ‘cool’ atmosphere of the Sunshine State, the Art in Public Places program keeps things lively and interesting. The area’s best artists have been entrusted with creating wacky and fun stuff like vibrant graffiti murals, exotic sculptures, paintings and carvings – you can walk around for hours just admiring all this stuff, integrated as it is into the city’s landscape and architecture!
  • The city values its heritage, and has adopted a preservation ordinance as the basis for an all-inclusive preservation program that will include a Historic Resources Preservation Board to oversee matters; historic properties may be exempted from tax. These include around 170 historic trails and sites.
  • It’s a great community – you can catch FREE movies October through May, on the first Friday of each month at the Ocean Avenue Amphitheater, free music concerts on the third Friday each month in the evenings, and other free community events as may be announced by the Recreation and Parks Department. There are also parades and Christmas Tree Decorating events. I’d say all this is reason enough for those who want an extended family to buy a Boynton Beach, FL home, and relocate!
  • If you’re a green warrior or just simply eco-conscious, you will love it here: the city’s award winning Climate Action Plan (2010) talks about sustainable living in all spheres:  managing buildings and facilities, water and wastewater, vehicle fleet, solid waste, procurement, green energy solutions, and land use and development, and encourages the implementation of green building standards.
  • Whether it’s a sports bar, good All-American burgers, grills and pie, haughty Continental cuisine, tried-and-tested Italian, or anything else – Boynton Beach offers plenty of options. Tuck in to a hearty meal at one of the many waterfront eateries while listening to the sound of the waves on the shore – heavenly bliss!

Ah, yes, Boynton Beach truly offers the ‘good life’, of which you can’t seem to have enough of! If you were only considering this city, we’re pretty sure you’re convinced to move there now! Do you want detailed local market information on Boynton Beach, FL real estate? Just call us at 561-749-9329 and an experienced agent will be happy to help you find your dream home.

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