Broken Sound Homes for Sale


Covering 1,000 acres of lush tropical landscape, Broken Sound has many options for residence seekers. Custom single family homes designed and built in-house, villas which overlook the most prominent feature- the Broken Sound fairways, a gem in and of itself. The biggest parts of Broken Sound however, are the residents. It is MadValorem’s pleasure to give you a glimpse into Broken Sound homes for sale.

Spanning 27 private villages, Broken Sound is quite spacious and sprawls countless city blocks. Homes from 1,600 to 10,000 square feet allows Broken Sound to enjoy a relative mix of residents and ethnicities. This unique blend also adds to the diversity of activities and custom home architecture. Elements of Spain, France and Italy are seen in the unique Broken Sound homes for sale.

Other amenities include a 16,500 square foot spa and fitness center designed for all of the athletic and personal fitness guru residents. Yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics, hot tub, lap pool, recreational pool and a full-fledged weight center ensure everyone gets the workout they are looking for. Additionally, Broken Sound residents don’t even need to leave the community for fine dining. 4 separate restaurants are happy to serve residents seeking casual to first-class dining experiences.

The homes, the amenities nor the attractions compare however, to the people of Broken Sound. Neighborly activities include celebrity show tapings, free lectures on various subjects, community sponsored day trips to museums, shopping and historical sites throughout Palm Beach County. MadValorem insists you see our Broken Sound homes for sale before you decide to buy anywhere else. Walking through the community, all you will see are smiling residents!

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