Condos are the Best Palm Beach Homes For Sale


2015 marked a great year for Palm Beach homes for sale. In specific, the upsurge of condo sales led to records being broken all year long. From the most expensive condo sold in Palm Beach to the more local records like breaking the record of a single condo sale between Billionaires Row and Condo Row on the South End.

With 3,500 sq. ft of space, N301 2000 S. Ocean Blvd had undergone extreme renovation that went from gutting the place to a private pool and cabana. A magnificent transformation to a record breaking sale in 2015’s Palm Beach homes for sale records. “We gutted the entire place, top to bottom – floors, many of the walls, fixtures, toilets, sinks, kitchen – everything. I’d say we took it down to the studs, but we took some of those out, too. We Totally rebuilt it.,” seller Michael C. Slocum told the Palm Beach Daily news in a January article.

This trend of purchasing high end properties and furthering their values is nothing new to the community as many other properties are constantly being bought and remodeled further down the road among Billionaires Row. Neighbors often complain about construction crews and roads are continuously congested with work vans and equipment.

The value of each property is constantly rising because of this making Palm Beach homes for sale a prime source of investment discussion and action. MadValorem is here to help you get in on the action now so you don’t miss investing or living in this fantastic up and coming neighborhood!

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