Historic West Palm Beach Real Estate For Sale And Sold!


Recently, Everglades Island was the location for a historic piece of West Palm Beach real estate for sale. At 561 Island Drive, Rinker Materials founder Marshall E. “Doc” Rinker decided to build his home in 1955. Built on a half-acre with a 125 foot waterfront seat, the 5,323 square feet of living space, has been vacant over 15 years.

Since “Doc” Rinker passed in 1996 at 91, this property has remained well kept, on and off the market, and mainly a source of sentimental value to Ruby Rinker, “Doc” Rinker’s wife. “He built this house, and his materials were used to build it. It was definitely an emotional sale for us” Brandon Rinker says regarding the sale. “I grew up fishing there, and I have taken my son there to fish. Even after my grandfather died, we have gone there to watch the fireworks.”

Other items of West Palm Beach real estate for sale nearby include 520 Island Drive. This was another house in the neighborhood built in 1955. This house was sold last month from the estate of the late Kamila Remington.

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